MyLivePD is available every Sunday through Thursday from 2:00 p.m. – midnight.

NEA members are eligible for a 25% discount!



My Live PD

 MyLivePD from is the first and only personal, private online coaching service that connects algebra teachers to experienced coaches for professional development. 

NEA members can receive four hours of personal coaching for $300. This is a 25% discount! This introductory offer is available one time per customer.

Teachers connect to a coach in an online environment to discuss a broad range of issues that may include collaborating on curriculum content, mastering effective teaching techniques or reviewing and refining lesson plans to engage all learners. Unlike seminar or lecture-based professional development, the program is available throughout the school year.

  • Live coaches in a private online environment
  • No appointments necessary
  • Unlimited access to coaches during program hours
  • Every session is tailored to the teacher’s specific needs
  • Prior sessions are available for teachers to review

MyLivePD Frequently Asked Questions

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